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Please Be Aware of Internet Puppy SCAMMERS. Call and talk to the Person selling the puppy.  Just remember if it Sounds or Looks to Good to be True,
It Probably IS!!!
Hello and Welcome to our little area on the World Wide Web.
We are locate in Avery, Tx, a small town in Northeast TX.
We raiseWonderful Yorkshire Terriers Puppies - With Many Champion Bloodlines.
Their sizes range from 5 to 8 pounds as an adult.
We have the Exotic Colors. "Chocolate" Liver & Tan and the "GoldDust" Solid Goldens.
As well as the Traditional Black & Gold, Blue & Gold, Black & Silver Yorkies...
And we NOW have the Parti Yorkie Puppies & working on having Chocolate and Golden Parti's.
We do our very best to provide you with the healthiest & happiest puppy possible.
Please look around, we have puppies available on our Puppy Page, if you have any questions PLEASE contact us at 903-219-1863 or preferably by Email .
Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed your look around.
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Vona McDougal
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Red River Kennels reserves the right to refuse a sale.
We reserve the right to refuse sale of any puppy to any person if we find it not to be in the best interest of the puppy.
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(903)-219-1863     8AM to 8PM     Avery, TX
We Ship to most Cities in the USA and Canada with American Airlines, United, & Delta from DFW (Dallas, TX)
Affordable Top Quality, 1yr Health Guarantee, Vet Checked & Certified, Beautiful Yorkie Babies!
We Stand Behind
Our Puppies!!
New & Up-dated Pics are
JAN 24. 2016
Active Member of:
Licensed Breeders & Assoc. of TX.
The Cavalry Group.
10 yrs USDA and
3 yrs Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Approved Kennel & Breeder.
USDA # 74-A-1338
TxDLR # 128

To Learn About the Differant COLORS of YORKIES - CLICK HERE
We are PROUD to Offer this to ALL
of our
New Puppy Owners!!
can be
Pre- MICROCHIPED for you.
All you have to do is ACTIVATE the chip
For the safety of your New Puppy.
Top Quality
Yorkshire Terriers
**Specializing in Exotic Colors**

Red River Kennels
~Yorkshire Terriers~
We Deliver to the DFW
area for NO CHARGE!!
Our next trip will be
Dallas, TX
FEB 13, 2016
Order Toll-Free: 1-800-474-7044
Use Order Code: 94158

Here at Red River Kennels we use NuVet Plus!!!
Please continue and keep your New puppy on this Awesome Supplement..

Red River Kennels
~Yorkshire Terriers~