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Hello, Our Prices vary on each puppy,

Due to Quality, Breeding & Colors.

Below is a Chart of our Prices.

All and Any Pricing Is Subject to Change At Anytime, Depending on that individual PUPPY! Thanks Vona

MALES: Yorkies

Black & Tan "Traditional" - 1895.00 to 2195.00

Liver & Tan "Chocolate" - 1895.00 to 2195.00

Golden, Blonde, Gold Dust - 1895.00 to 2495.00

Parti Colored (Black, Tan, White or Chocolate & White) - 2195.00 to 2795.00

Blue Merle - 2595.00 to 3495.00

Chocolate Merle - 2595.00 to 3495.00

Parti Merle - 3495.00 & UP.

Cashmere White - 2995.00 & UP

FEMALES: Yorkies

Black & Tan "Traditional" - 2295.00 to 2895.00

Liver & Tan "Chocolate" - 2295.00 to 2895.00

Golden, Blonde, Gold Dust - 2295.00 to 2895.00

Parti Colored (Black, Tan, White or Chocolate & White) - 2495.00 to 2995.00

Blue Merle - 3495.00 to 4595.00

Chocolate Merle - 3495.00 to 4595.00

Parti Merle - 3995.00 & UP.

Cashmere White 3995.00 & UP

There is a reason our dogs are so expensive, these are not dogs that just sit in our yard, eat Ol'Roy and when the females in heat she magically becomes pregnant while we are off living our life. 63 days later, we don't come home to a pile of cash born in the dirt and cold outside. Where we wait 8 weeks doing the bare minimum and send them off into the world to cash in.

We, along with other reputable breeders, spend tens of thousands each year to care for our dogs, quality food, care, and vet bills and supplies. When we have puppies, we are with them 24/7. They don't leave our sight for the first 4 weeks, and we continue to be extra vigilant about their care and healthy the entire 8 + weeks they are with us.

We monitor weights and feeding (every 2-3 hours for 28 days) we bottle feed, we tube feed, sometimes having to go the extra mile with antibiotics, fluids, and other medications on a puppy who is not doing the best (and no most vets have no idea how to properly care for or help us with neonates!)

We routinely put our needs aside to ensure the safety of the puppies, sometimes to the point of complete exhaustion and sickness for ourselves. We cancel our lives: vacations, events, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Everything is on hold when we have puppies.

We are there 24/7 for our adopters for life. We are family once you choose our puppies.

We endure losses and hardships , happiness, and success behind the scenes of these perfect babies. Breeding is no joke. It's a lifestyle. A passion. A dream to better the breed. It's NOT for the weak hearted!

When we don't have puppies, we still have daily upkeep and care of our dogs, family, and home. We also utilize this time for training and further educating ourselves so we can be the best we possibly can be.

It's not an easy job, mentally or physically, but we love what we do and we do it to ensure healthy, stable and well adjusted puppies are going to their new families who have waited and dreamed about them.

*Borrowed from another breeder!

Well said!! So now you know why the price of the puppy is what it is!!!!!

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